Add Another Language


  • Create a new nav:side-xy based on nav:side-en
    • If you are not allowed to create in the nav: category ask an admin to to it ! He can also define this new nav:side-xy to be used in category "xy:"
  • Change all en to the new xy language code1



  • Create the "xy:start" page based on en:start and save it. ==> Now there is a new xy: category in the wiki

Site Manager

  • Menu "Appearance", "Navigation elements": set the side-bar: to nav:side-xy
  • Page templates: set the default template for category xy to Languages in order to create new pages with the Magic Language Navigation.


  • Create on the url-adress field ( not in the nav side!) a new "xy:_template" page based on en:_template - this creates the side flags by include..
  • Edit Call existing xy:_template pages ( without changes - only to include the last side flags


  • Create a xy:list-pages with the following content:

[[include include:list-pages language=xy]]


  • Create a xy:page-tags with the following content:

[[include include:page-tags language=xy]]


  • Create a xy:site-map with the following content:

[[module PageTree root="xy:start" showRoot="true" depth="30"]]


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