Warning: The AdSense integration is disabled. Please read the official announcement on our blog.

Starting 6. April, only users with Pro Lite, Pro and Pro Plus accounts are able to earn money on their sites. If you are a free user and want to run your ads, please upgrade your account.

If you already have a paid account and want to use the new ad management, go to your site's Site Manager and click on Advertising. The new management panel provides more monetization options (not limited to AdSense) in a much simpler and flexible way.

Questions about ads? Contact us at moc.todikiw|sda-troppus#moc.todikiw|sda-troppus

We keep the FAQ below only for reference.


What is AdSense?

AdSense is an on-line advertising program run by Google that allows website owners to display advertisements on their web pages and earn money. AdSense connects publishers (you?) and advertisers and automatically matches ads to appropriate web pages.

From the publisher's perspective — all you have to do is to insert an "ad unit" an a web page, AdSense finds and displays ads to your visitors, and the publisher earns money when visitors view or click the ads.

You can think about your contract with AdSense in simpler terms: you let them manage parts of your pages, they try to make money from it and share the revenue with you.

For more information about AdSense please visit AdSense Homepage.

At we are using a special feature of AdSense called AdSense API that allows hosting providers (like us) to integrate quite tightly with AdSense and make it much easier for their users to join and use AdSense.

How can I benefit from AdSense?

Profit of course. By displaying ad units on your wiki pages you can simply earn money. How much? This depends on many factors: quality of your pages, how many visitors you have and how much advertisers are interested in the subject your pages are about. There are people who can earn as much as thousands dollars per month from displaying ads on their blogs or websites.

Do I need to have an AdSense account prior to using Wikidot?

No. The first time you visit our AdSense panel you shall be asked to either create a new AdSense account or provide the existing account to be used with Wikidot.

Where can I learn more about AdSense?

The best place is the AdSense Homepage at Google. You should find a lot of details about it there.

So… is displaying ads obligatory like on other free wiki farms?

By default, on free sites we sometimes display ads to a subset of its visitors to help us pay the bills. Using AdSense gives you an easy way to get rid of our ads and have full control over the advertising on your sites. Wikidot and all its features, including AdSense, have to benefit YOU in the first place.

Wikidot + AdSense

So, how does exactly Wikidot + AdSense work?

The AdSense API we are using allows you manage most of your AdSense tasks from within Wikidot. At Wikidot we made it easy to enroll in AdSense and configure your sites to utilize benefits of AdSense. Using the AdSense API you do not even have to leave Wikidot - we talk directly to AdSense servers and handle most of the tasks for you.

  • You can enroll in AdSense by creating a new AdSense account. Or, if you already have an AdSense account, you an use it too.
  • A special association is created between your AdSense account and Wikidot that allows us to perform some actions for you (e.g. manage some aspects of your AdSense account, use it to create and access color styles, and of course to generate and display ad units).
  • You need to configure your wiki(s) to display ads - choose size, colors, placement etc. Without leaving Wikidot.
  • AdSense tries to find the best suited ads based on your wiki's content and the audience type.
  • AdSense pays you after people view/click ads.

Sounds complicated? No, it is not. Our AdSense panel has been optimized to guide you through all the steps and it really makes things easy.

How can Wikidot benefit from using AdSense?

From the gross income generated by your ad units we keep a small fraction of 20% for Wikidot that helps us provide free hosting for your wiki, improve tools and drive extra traffic to your website. If someone new joins AdSense we also get referral bonuses.
In fact by earning money with AdSense you support Wikidot!

Why should I use Wikidot + AdSense?

If you already have a wiki at Wikidot — why not to try and see yourself? You risk nothing. No money, no long-time agreements. Just a few minutes to set things up. And if you do not like AdSense you can stop displaying ads anytime you want.

If you are thinking: "Why should I share my revenue with Wikidot?" then we have answers for you:

  • Wikidot already has tools to create great websites. No HTML/magic knowledge required.
  • Setting up wikis and making them work with AdSense is easy. Much much easier than using any of web hosting packages where you have to create websites from scratch.
  • At Wikidot it is much easier to attract visitors than for a standalone website. Your wiki can be featured on the main page, listed in our directory or at different activity lists, mentioned in the forums. Interesting wikis can be promoted really easily.
  • Very motivating revenue sharing: you will get 80% of the total revenue! Leaving 20% for Wikidot will help us provide free hosting for your wiki, improve tools and drive extra traffic to your website.
  • Also we handle all the technical background - you can just create good wikis with appealing content!

Can I have a share ratio other than 80/20?

Sorry, this is fixed for all users. At some point we might change this (to 90/10? 100/0?) but no details are known now.

The 80/20 ratio (which means you get 80% of total revenue generated and Wikidot keeps 20%) has been set to keep your revenues high (and motivating) and to provide a reasonable revenue stream for Wikidot. After all, we only do hosting, the content is yours!!!

BTW: Almost all other wiki farms display ads on all their free wikis whether users want it or not. And, needless to say, users get 0% of the revenue. In fact, Wikidot is the only large wiki farm that allows users to earn money on free wikis.

I have other websites, not on Wikidot. Does the 20% subtraction affect all my earnings or just earnings from my wikis?

20% affects only your earnings from ads placed on Wikidot. The account association does not affect your other AdSense earnings. It would be… unfair anyway.

Are all of AdSense products available on Wikidot?

At the moment we are offering only AdSense for Content — i.e. context-aware text/image/video ad units, which is de facto the flagship of AdSense products. We will introduce AdSense Referrals or AdSense for Search if there is demand for it.

Within AdSense for Content we offer Link Units (all sizes) and Ad Units (all sizes and types).

Do I ever need to log in into AdSense account at

Well, to configure ads and manage them — all you need to do is use our AdSense panel. However information such as billing preferences, payments history, advanced reports or site diagnostics are available only at AdSense Homepage.

How will I get paid?

You will be paid by Google by a method you select, usually by check or electronic bank transfer. The fact that you use Wikidot + AdSense does not have any effect on this.

Can I create a website just to earn money?

Please remember the primary rule of earning money from any ads: your visitors are the ones you should really care about. If you do, and your website (wiki) has interesting content, ads placed there will be valuable for both advertisers and visitors.

If you however create a wiki that "tricks" visitors to click ads — this is not a fair behavior and is strictly forbidden by the AdSense Terms. In such a case not only value of ads on your wiki will significantly drop but you might also get banned from the AdSense program.

Configuring ads

Why is AdSense panel not inside Site Manager nor My Account?

Currently the AdSense panel offers a centralized place to manage all your AdSense activity within Wikidot but is detached from Site Managers and My Account.

And as you might have already seen, AdSense configuration is… quite heavy with all its options and features. There is also the requirement to use https:// connection so the panel could not be a part of Site Manager (not all wikis have SSL enabled).

How much can I customize the look&feel of ad units?

You can customize the ad units as much as you could using the AdSense configuration tool at Google. You can choose from different:

  • color styles (or define custom colors or styles)
  • layouts (vertical, horizontal, large, small etc.)
  • types: text ads, image ads, mixed text/image, link units

How do I define placement of ads?

There are 2 ways to choose placement for your ads:

  • predefined placement: you have several predefined locations (like below content, below side bar, etc.) to choose from
  • custom placement: attach a label to an ad unit and you can place it anywhere on any page using an appropriate module (instructions in the panel)

Does Wikidot support channels?

Yes, you can easily manage both custom and url channels from within Wikidot and assign channels to selected ad units.

Does Wikidot support color styles?

Yes, we provide both the default AdSense styles and we allow you to create (and save) your own color schemes. And, of course, you can apply these to your ads.


Do you process my earnings, make statistics of it or let 3rd parties to use this data?

Of course not. Although the data such as your daily/weekly/monthly earnings flow through our servers, it is strictly forbidden by the AdSense API Terms to store or process them. The only data we process for our statistics are factors related to our total earnings. We do not use data related to individual publishers.


My wiki is about YYYYY but the ads are about ZZZZZ.

AdSense tries to match ads to the content of a webpage and is quite effective with it. In general if you have e.g. a wiki about biking, you should also see ads about biking. However there are a few factors that could affect it:

  • the page is new or you have just inserted ads — most probably the AdSense Bot did not have enough time to scan contents of the page and process it. give it some time.
  • there is not enough content on the page — in this case the match could be less accurate

I have configured my wiki to show ads, but I still see the same ad about Wikidot: "Wikidot - start a free wiki and earn money online".

There are 2 reasons you are seeing our own ads:

Account waits for approval or association waits for processing

Until your AdSense account is approved by the AdSense team (if you have just created it) or the association between your existing account and Wikidot is not completed yet, "alternative ads" are being shown instead of real ads provided by Google. This is also described in our AdSense panel.

Once your account is ready or your association is complete, normal ads will be displayed.

If you have completed all the required steps, you just might have to wait. It depends solely on the Google AdSense team now.

AdSense cannot find ads for the page

It might happen that there are no ads that would match your page. In such a case, alternative ads are shown.

AdSense is properly configured, but ads do not show on certain pages.

There is a limit of page content length so that ads appear only on pages that are longer than 2000 characters. AdSense is a context-based advertising system which means it analyses page contents to match suiting ads. The limit we are imposing is to make sure that there is enough content to find matching ads.

I have a problem with my ads

If your problem is related to Wikidot, ask us at moc.todikiw|troppus-esnesda#moc.todikiw|troppus-esnesda. If you have problems with AdSense itself (and not Wikidot), please contact the AdSense team.

If you need advice, our Community Forum is also a good place to start.

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