Block Anonymous Users And Wikidot Members

This is only available for admins!

01. Anonymous visitors

01.1 Changing the "default" permissions

For anonymus visitors You can switch the default permissions in the Site_manager menu under the Permissions.

This works for all Anonymous visitors!

01.2 Block IP address

You can block individual IP Addresses to prevent some anonymous User from your Site.
You find this menu point on the Site_manager menu under the Blocks:


This switches to the IP Adress Blocks frame where You can enter the IP adress(es):



02 Wikidot members

02.1 Changing the "default" permissions

For Wikidot.members You can switch the "_default" permissions in the Site_manager menu under the Permissions.

This work for all Wikidot.members!

02.2 Block Wikidot members

You can block individual Wikidot members at the Site_manager menu
under the Blocks / User_blocks:


If You click on the +_add_user_to_blocklist button then the input frame opens:


When you start the input of a user-name the system opens a download list to help you with a selection of real user-id's.

The resulting List of blocked Members looks like this one:


You can always remove the blocked member of the list by deleting the block.

03 Who is behind that IP-address ?

The widgets below might be embedded anywhere in your wiki.




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