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**This page is outdated and replaced by en:my_account

Your profile page is what another user sees when they click on your user icon. The user profiles are stored on a separate wiki : http://profiles.wikidot.com. However, you can access and edit your profile from your Account Settings page. Here's how to do it :

1. Click on the link my account at the top of any page. This will take you to your Account Settings page.


2. In the left nav bar, click on the My Profile link near the bottom. This will take you to your My Profile page.


3. Click on the Edit a page about myself link. This will take you to your User Profile page.


4. You can edit this page like any other wiki page. Changes to this page will be reflected on your profile. If you need to know how to edit a page, see edit-a-page.

5. Remember that your profile is user specific, not wiki specific. That means that no matter how many wikis you have, your user profile will stay the same. Try to keep your profile information generalized so matter what wiki a person is on when they look at your profile, it will make sense! Unless of course you only have one wiki and that is all you ever plan to have (not likely, because as we've said before, wikidot is addictive!).

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