Find A Page

You have some ways to find a page in a site:

1. Search for any text

On the right top of your wikidot page you will find the search box where you can enter any text to search in the site (forum and/or pages). If the site uses a custom "theme" different to the used one in the community then you will find this "search box" perhaps on another location.

You will get a list of all pages (and/or forum threads) with such text in its content.

2. Module Pages used

If it is present you can use the menu point "List all pages" to show all pages in the site.

Or if not possible You can create ( or edit) any page to include following module-line(s):

[[module Pages preview="true" details="true" category="en" ]]

Category="en" for the English pages of this wiki. Omitting a category is equivalent to category="_default" for the "standard" pages (there are other categories available on the site manager/permissions menu) ;
preview=true includes the first lines of the text;
details=true includes the last Editor, revision number and update date/time.

You will get some lists like this one (real time , means the list is from now, this moment !):

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