Google Analytics

"Google Analytics offers a host of compelling features and benefits for everyone from senior executives and advertising and marketing professionals to site owners and content developers."

Or, in more simple terms, an easy way of getting rather good "stats" on your web sites. This is NOT a "hit" counter

The following will show you how to set up google analytics's on your wiki site. It will NOT tell you all the features of google analytics's


Setting up the Google account

Set up a "google account" if you haven't already got one.
Then go to My Account
look for Analytics
You are now in the Google Analytics control panel
Then +add Website profile
you will need to add the URL of your wiki. eg :http//

Google will then give you some code for adding tracking.
The only bit of this code you are interested in is in bold

<script src="" type="text/javascript">
<script type="text/javascript">
_uacct = "UA-xxxxxxx-x";

Setting up the "Wikidot" part

Go to your site.
Go to
site manager
3rd party tools
Google analytics's

In the Profile Key box, enter your UA-XXXXX-X code

Tick Use Google Analytics:

Go and make a drink. Twiddle your thumbs for a while, then go back to your Google analytics's page

Look for your wikidot profile.
it should say "waiting for data"
Click "check status"

You should see a box with something like this in it.

Tracking Status Information

Profile Name:
Website URL:

Waiting for Data
Analytics has been successfully installed and data is being gathered now.

If the box reports as above then:
Job done!
Note: It might take a while before data is actually received. So check the next day.

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