How To Edit Pages

How to begin editing

In order to edit a page, click on the edit button near the bottom of the page. The editor should then open up near the bottom of the page with several toolbars of buttons to aid your editing.

Simple example

Here's a simple example for your first page edit. To create a link to a new or existing Site page, use this syntax: [[[page name]]] or [[[page name | text to display in place of page name]]]. Alternatively, you can click on the page link button button-page-link to create a link. After saving your changes, follow the link you just created. If the Site page you created a link for does not already exist (which should be indicated by the link having a different color than normal - usually red), you will now have the opportunity to create and begin editing it!

The next step

Creating a link is a simple example of what you can do while editing. To take yourself to the next level, see this page for more editing information. Although creating and editing pages is easy, there are many more options that enable you to create amazing sites. Please visit the Documentation pages to learn more about what's available to you.

Don't see the edit button?

If the edit button does not appear on the page, you likely do not have sufficient permission to edit it. Permission levels are determined by the administrator of the Site you are visiting and may vary between Sites. If you really want to edit the page, don't give up there!

Here are some things to try in order to gain access to the edit button:

  • Sign in to your Wikidot account.
  • Request membership to the Site containing the page you wish to edit.
  • Send a message to the Site admin and politely ask how to gain edit access to the page.

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