Known Issues


… without restore.


Sometimes, widget codes are too long to be displayed on 1 screen line. Line should be
wrapped …


The wikidot software automatically puts a <p> tag in <div>s created with [[div]] if there is text inside it. See problems-with-divs.

[[include pagename]]

pagename must belong the same wiki. Includes below will not work
[[include site=community]]
[[include site=community]]

Invitations follow-up

Besides the invitations by email follow-up there is no direct invitations follow-up.

[[module ModuleName]]

ModuleName is case sensitive … and annoying.

Save button remains gray and unable to save

When applying slight changes like bold to a word, or copying and pasting words into the edit box, the save button stays gray. A extra whitespace needs to be added to the text in order to be able to save the page. You can do this by inserting placing your cursor at the end of a line or paragraph and pressing SPACE.


Wikidot does have a simple table system, however, you must style it by using a custom theme. Only one set of classes are available and therefore all tables created with the quick table system will have the same style.


[[toc]] does not work in forums.

Create New Page

Page name must start with valid characters. "?" or "*" for instance, will not work.

Text Not Showing

If you paste a LOT of text, with no "breaks" in it, directly inti the edit box, once saved it will not display.
Going back to edit mode, and the text is all there.
To correct, add a few blank lines to break it up into paragraphs. This will cure the problem.

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