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This page descibes how you can login to the overall wikidot community site. (Note that other individual wiki sites hosted on wikidot may require you to be logged in to collaborate or read. The process to login is the same, but depending on how the owner of that wiki has configured their site, you may not have permissions to do so on their wiki site.)

1. Login button

You will find a login button on the top right of your browser screen:


2. Create account

If you don't have an account on wikidot.com, you should click Create_account and follow the instructions to create an account. For this you will need:

  • a unique user id (unique inside the wikidot.com network) and
  • a valid email address where the system can send you acknowledgement emails.

3. Sign_on

Once you have created an account on wikidot.com, you can login to the overall wikidot community site. You will need to enter your email address and password:


Notes for the checkboxes:

Sign me out… — The system make automatically a signout if you make login from another IP adress.

4. My Account

After you login, you will see your personal account menu at the top right of your screen:


  • From here you can select my account which will take you to your personal account settings.
  • The dropdown menu (which you can access by clicking the arrow) will allow you to log out.

If this is your first login, you may want to edit your profile on my_account. This is optional.

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