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There is a wonderfull explanation of the used technic for multi-lingual sites on the Multi-lingual wiki !

Please - have a look!

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module NewPage

[[module NewPage category="fr" template="template:languages" size="15" button="créer une page"]]

post editing of existing pages?

This include sentence can be inserted even after the creation of the newpage.


module TagCLoud must specify xy: language category and the landing xy:page-tags (instead of system:page-tags)
xy:tagcloud pages use the same principle

new languages ?

Only the include:languages page has to be changed with the new language, … unused languages might be removed if you don't find Wiki translators.

attention please

  • pagenames MUST be the same whatever the language of the actual page
  • en: pages MUST follow the same rules (i.d. belong to a language category)


I found this trick after having seen


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