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Modules are built-in applications that you can place anywhere on your pages.

Listing and categorizing pages

  • Module ListPages — module for selecting, processing and listing pages (doc:listpages-module)
  • CountPages — module for counting pages
  • ListUsers — module for selecting, processing and listing users <— NEW inserted
  • TagCloud — creates a customizable tag cloud for tagged pages
  • PageCalendar — lists number of new pages per year/month (nice for blogging)
  • PageTree — displays a nested tree of pages connected by parenthood
  • Module Backlinks — lists pages that link back to the current page (doc:backlinks-module)
  • WantedPages — lists not existing pages, but linked from somewhere
  • OrphanedPages — lists existing pages, but not linked from anywhere
  • Categories — module for listing categories in the current site <— NEW inserted

Users, members

  • Watchers — list watchers of the page / category / site
  • Members — list members within a site
  • Join — allow users to join the site with one click<— NEW inserted
  • SendInvitations — allow all members of a Wiki to send email invitations
  • WhoInvited — check who invited a particular member


  • CSS — lets you add custom CSS to any page. <— NEW inserted
  • NewPage — makes creation of new pages easier.
  • Redirect — performs a "301" redirect from a page with optional URL mapping
  • ThemePreviewer — allows previewing themes without altering Site configuration
  • MailForm — define a form, let others fill it and receive the forms via email
  • PetitionAdmin — allows you to create online petition campaigns (like this one)
  • SiteGrid — creates a grid of sites' thumbnails with descriptions
  • FeaturedSite — created clickable bigger thumbnail of site with a description

News & feeds

  • Feed — imports RSS/Atom feeds from almost any web location and displays them in a customizable way
  • FrontForum — uses forum categories to create news items to put on the pages and create RSS feeds

Forum & discussion

Page rating

  • Rate — displays a widget used to rate pages within the page body
  • RatedPages — displays top-rated pages

Photos, galleries, files



  • SiteChanges — list recent changes to the site content

Administration, moderation

  • ManageSite — site administration
  • Clone — site clone tool <— NEW inserted


NEW inserted (!)

  • AdSenseUnit — insert AdSense unit into a panel (only for enabled sites).
  • MembershipApply — allow users to apply to the site admin(s) for membership
  • MembershipByPassword — when a password is specified people can become members of the site if they know the password
  • Pages — module for listing pages within a site
  • ChildPages — lists children pages of a page
  • PagesByTag — lists all pages, that are tagged with a specific tag
  • NextPage — create links to the next page in the category.
  • PreviousPage — create links to the previous page in the category.

Modules list

Done by [[module Backlinks]]

Modules grouped by functionality

Done by [[module ChildPages]]


The code can be split by the delimiter " _" without alteration of the functionality. This allows a better readability of the module code when embedded between [[code]]…[[/code]]. (Txs Helmut).

Given that BackLinks has a few caveats, this page also lists this page itself, the side menu, the other languages versions and the template for modules description.

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