Pages Module
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This module is deprecated. Use the ListPages module instead.


The Pages module is able to list pages within a site or within a category.


attribute required allowed values default description
category no name of an existing category none limits the listing to the specified category
details no "true" none print extra information about pages
preview no "true" none prints a short preview of the page (This parameter is temporarily ignored due to performance reasons. It will come back soon)
order no dateCreatedDesc
titleAsc selects ordering of the pages
limit no any positive integer none how many pages to return; if you omit this all pages will be listed


Print only pages from the _default category with details:

[[module Pages category="_default" details="true"]]

Print all pages with details and preview:

[[module Pages details="true" preview="true"]]

10 most recently edited pages

[[module Pages order="dateEditedDesc" limit="10"]]

10 most recently created pages

[[module Pages order="dateCreatedDesc" limit="10"]]

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