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With the changelog of 2010-02-02 there is now a "View" - row available in the "Permissions" of the site admin available - but only for "NON _default+" categories !).
And the "landing" page" for visitors without the "View allowance" is called "category:_public".

Now it is possible to make the content of pages of a specified category "private" - visible only for specified groups of visitors:

  • anonymous or
  • Wikidot members ( logged in) or
  • Members of the wiki alone.
  • Admins and mods have always the permission to view all…

If you want an extra landing page you should name it ""(selected)xyz-category:_public" - this is a "hidden page" (the underscolre at the beginning) and it is displayed only if an "unauthorized visitor" try to reach such a "private" page.

The "landing page" can hold the relevant information like:

Reserved content

This area of the website is available to users with permission. If you'd like to access this (perhaps only wiki-internal) area, please contact site administrators.

You might already have the necessary permission — please sign in first.

See also

Other relevant (glossary)information about categories: (Category) (Soft Category)

in our Handbook - the "site manager permissions" page:

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