Restore A Wiki

This works only with sites (=wikis) You have deleted as their "founder".

1. In my_account menu :

You ( as the owner/founder of the deleted site) have to go into your personal my_account menu(right top at your wikidot screen).

This opens the "welcome" frame of Your account summary.

Next click on the left menu:

2. Site_& Memberships:

This opens the sub menu. Click on:

3. Deleted sites.

There are two possibilities:

3.a) You have no deleted sites:

You will get such an answer:

You have no deleted sites. To delete any site of yours you could go to the Site Manager of a given site and look under Extreme Actions menu.

3.b) You have a deleted site:

You will get a list with your deleted sites - and at the right site an option: restore

3.b.1) You clicked on restore:

You will get this frame:


Restore site : this is the title of Your site - not the Url!
The (old) Url you find as the embedded (old) Site name in the input field..

NOW: at this moment there is a bug - YOU CAN ONLY KEY IN DIGITS !

==> Step 1. put in any digits ( a number between 101 - 9999999) in the Url adress-name.

( if the new name already exists there will be a message…)

3.b.2.) You restored the site under a different name:

==> Step2. on the restored site go to Site manager - extreme action and RENAME the "numbered" URL to our old Site URL.

This is a workaround until the bug is fixed and You can put in any letters ( a-z,-) and digits…

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