Address Bar
The address bar is the part of your browser where you type a web address ( or called url) and hit ENTER to go to a website.

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A category (in a wiki often called namespace) is under normal circumstances known as the first part of the page name - the partial name before the colon (:) in the page name.

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Cascading Style Sheets
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File Transfer Protocol

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History (page options)
A '''Page history of changes''' shows the order in which changes were made to any editable page, the difference between any two versions, and a menu of check boxes for selecting change-types.

A Page history of changes" is sometimes called '''revision history''' or '''edit history'''. It is accessed by clicking the "History" button at the top or bottom of the page, a complete separate screen opens under the selected page and its "page option buttons".
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HyperText Markup Language

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HyperText Transfer Protocol

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Infinite Loop

An infinite loop is a loop that continues with no sign of stopping. It is usually an unintended side-effect of a bug in a computer program.
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Internet Protocol.

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A "loop" is an infinite circle - without any "outbreak"- have a look at Infinite loop
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An extra "indexing possibility" for every page in Wikidot wikis. Every page can have a list of tags (hidden with leading "_" and unhidden without) Changing tags is done with click on the page options Tags.
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Uniform Resource Locator is the short generic name of all the web adresses we can use in the address bar.

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World Wide Web

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