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Advanced Wikidot Usage
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This page is the portal for advanced usage of wikidot features.

Advanced Wikidot usage
Autonumbering of pages
Watching changes
Data forms
Browser requirements
Embedding other services
Site structure
Layout reference
Video Tutorials
Wikidot API




At we display 3rd party advertising on free sites to help us pay the bills and keep the most services free.

Our algorithm tries to show ads in a non-disturbing way, e.g. logged-in users should not see any ads at all. We try to optimize ads so that they do not impair the user experience, but they need to be visible enough so that placing advertising on Wikidot sites provides a value for advertisers.

The algorithm will put more ads on sites that show no recent activity — no page edits, comments nor forum posts.

New sites might not show ads until they have enough content and traffic.

To remove ads from your site, there are two simple choices:

  1. Upgrade to one of our Pro plans — even Pro Lite (for about $5 a month) removes ads from sites you are a master administrator of. Moreover, you can control advertising yourself and earn money from your traffic.
  2. If you are running an educational site (for your classes, student projects etc.) you could apply for the Educational upgrade.

Also, ads are not displayed on any private sites.

Aligning Text, Images and Divs
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You can center an image in a div the same way you center text or images with the equals sign:



= centered text

In Action:

centered text



= [[image en:center-an-image-in-a-div/an-image.jpg]]

In Action:


Image inside a Div:


[[div style="width:300px;border:1px solid #000;"]]
= [[image en:center-an-image-in-a-div/an-image.jpg]]

In Action:



Use '<', '=', or '>' to align the object left, center or right respectively.


[[<image an-image.jpg]]

In Action:



[[=image an-image.jpg]]

In Action:



[[>image an-image.jpg]]

In Action:


Alternatively, instead of '</=/>', you may use 'text-align' variable in the style of divs.


[[Div style="text-align: right;"]]
[[image an-image.jpg]]
…."> " : right ….

In Action:

…."> " : right …..

Tags: center div image
Autonumbering Of Pages
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Autonumbering of pages

This is setup per category in the site manager.
This is useful if you want to split the "page title" from the primary key-numbering in the "page-name":
you have to setup this feature in the Site manager in the menu "autonumbering of pages" :

Tip: you should name the used category for such autonumbering WITHOUT any special characters like "-"! Numbers are since last changes not disturbing.

(screenshot of Site Manager in the "Community")


Related Pages

As an example of a useful usage you can look at the database showcase ij the community.




All pages starting with "B"

The ListPages module does not work recursively.


Backup Done And Saved

There is a backup possible for all pages and files ( not forum threads and posts!) on
Site Manager Backup.

Here you can start a backup file and decide which zipped "format" you want the backup file to have: "tar.g"z or "zip" (for smaller wikis).

After some time you shoudl control if the backup is finished and than DOWNLOAD the file to your local disc.
Otherwise it makes no sense - the backup files on the wikidot storage are disappearimg after some time..

Here I have included the page of the Site manager menu for better understanding:

This is the Backup Screen on the Site manager ( page admin:manage ):


To CREATE a backup file ( select by drop down menu .zip or tar.gz ):


Tags: backup download site-manager

Basic Editing
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Colored Text



Block Anonymous Users And Wikidot Members
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This is only available for admins!

01. Anonymous visitors

01.1 Changing the "default" permissions

For anonymus visitors You can switch the default permissions in the Site_manager menu under the Permissions.

This works for all Anonymous visitors!

01.2 Block IP address

You can block individual IP Addresses to prevent some anonymous User from your Site.
You find this menu point on the Site_manager menu under the Blocks:


This switches to the IP Adress Blocks frame where You can enter the IP adress(es):



02 Wikidot members

02.1 Changing the "default" permissions

For Wikidot.members You can switch the "_default" permissions in the Site_manager menu under the Permissions.

This work for all Wikidot.members!

02.2 Block Wikidot members

You can block individual Wikidot members at the Site_manager menu
under the Blocks / User_blocks:


If You click on the +_add_user_to_blocklist button then the input frame opens:


When you start the input of a user-name the system opens a download list to help you with a selection of real user-id's.

The resulting List of blocked Members looks like this one:


You can always remove the blocked member of the list by deleting the block.

03 Who is behind that IP-address ?

The widgets below might be embedded anywhere in your wiki.




Add a New Comment

Tags: anonymous block ip-address members

Browser Requirements

This document describes what is needed to use WikiDot sites. General requirements are presented and particular browser support.

Short answer

If you want a short answer "What browser should I use?" our answer is: Use Mozilla Firefox.


There are numerous reasons to use Firefox for web browsing. At Firefox is our reference browser and so far the best browser to navigate and interact with sites.

Browser support table

Browser Name and Version Compatibility Ranking Comments
Mozilla Firefox
Firefox 3.0 9 Works great!
Firefox 2.0 9 Works very good, a minor problem with newlines in the editor, spellchecker a big plus!
Firefox 1.5 9 Used to be our reference browser
Google Chrome
Google Chrome 5.0 9 Works great!
Google Chrome 4.0 9 Works great!
Apple Safari
Safari 4.0 9 Almost perfect
Safari 3.0 9 Almost perfect
Opera 10.0 8 Almost perfect
Opera 9.0 8 Almost perfect
Internet Explorer
Internet Explorer 9.0 beta 9 Works great!
Internet Explorer 8.0 8 Works great!
Internet Explorer 7.0 8 Works very nice
Internet Explorer 6.0 8 Although works fine, not recommended
Other alternatives
Konqueror 8 Works very well but minor glitches
Flock 1.0 9 Works very nice


  • Rank is in scale 0-10 where 0 means totally broken and 10 means perfect.
  • If a browser version is not mentioned, it has not been tested. We recommend upgrading to the latest version of your browser.

At this point one thing must be clarified: the Wikdot engine uses a lot of client-side processing, i.e. runs a lot of JavaScript code and modifies page HTML content in your browser. This is the reason for some browsers not to work correctly. During the further development we will try to improve browser support for sure.

We certainly do not recommend using Internet Explorer 6.0 - although Wikidot sites should work fine with this browser, this has been achieved by using many tricks and workarounds but also a lot of sacrifices of clean solutions introduced by new standards which are not supported only by this browser.

As clearly stated above, we highly recommend Mozilla Firefox which is free, very secure, extensible etc.

Features that must be enabled


For browsing and interacting with Sites a browser must have JavaScript enabled. If not enabled you can still read pages and navigate between pages, but not much more.


Cookies are not required for browsing pages but are required for any advanced interaction such as modifying pages, posting posts on forum etc. Cookies are also use for identifying user sessions.


All pages starting with "C"

The ListPages module does not work recursively.


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