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Categories designed

Categories can be used to organize the pages of your wiki in several ways. It is possible to assign another lay-out, other user's rights, and improved navigation to parts of your wiki. Typically, assigning and changing categories is something for site administrators, and not to be left to the users of your site.

In this respect, categories are like MediaWiki namespaces, but better and more useful. Unfortunately, they are not much like traditional categories. Your best option for categories at the present time is to use tags instead.

Wikidot combines namespaces and categories in an unusual but useful way. As with namespaces, the category is part of the url. For example :


Listing Pages by Category

Several modules have "category" as a criteria for selecting pages to list:

  • PageCalendar — lists number of new pages per year/month of the specified category ->PageCalendar Example
  • ListPages — universal module for selecting, processing and listing pages -> ListPages Example
  • Pages — module for listing pages -> Pages Example
  • PagesByTag — lists all pages, that are tagged with a specific tag -> PagesByTag Example
  • TagCloud — creates a customizable tag cloud for tagged pages (of the specified category) ->TagCloud Example

Pages can be listed by category using the Pages module.

Built-in Categories


Default is the base "category". It requires no stub. This page's url is en:categories, so it's in the "en" and not in the default category.

Nav (Navigation)

The nav category is used for the side (nav:side) and top (nav:top) menu pages: Menu


The system category is used for general wiki use, such as listing all pages system:list-all-pages.

  • There are other pages in the system category, please list them.


The forum category is used for… you guessed it… the built in wiki forum.

  • forum:start is the forum index.
  • forum:recent-posts lists the recent posts of your forum. It uses a module to do this.
  • there are probably others


The admin category is used for admin pages, of which there is only one :

  • admin:manage, the site manager

Access rights per Category

Default access rights are defined by the wiki administrator.
New categories inherit from default access rights.
Specific access rights might be defined by category.

  • admin: restricted acces rights to admins ans moderators
  • user: one might imagine that only the creator of a page falling in this category could modify his/her page (admins keep all access rights)

Themes by Category

The wiki administrator may apply different themes to different categories. Example: one could create color variations of a base theme, i.e. a pink theme for category girls:, blue theme for category boys:

Known Problems

One Category Only

Because the category is really a namespace, it limits your page to only one category. As a workaround, you can use tags.

Categories Cannot Be Nested

Because there is no category page to edit, categories cannot be nested. Instead, the pages in a category can only be listed in one big list.

Categories are Automatically Created

Whenever a url contains a namespace format with a colon, the category is automatically created. Unfortunately, while this does save time, it causes you to have to pipe link pages with a colon.

Related Pages


These pages link back to this one. You may find them helpful.

Tags: category

Categories Module
The Categories module is a tool that displays categories and their pages within a site. This tool will eventually be replaced by ListPages, which is more general purpose.


To use Categories, add this code to your page:

[[module Categories]]

In action:


+ list pages


+ list pages


+ list pages


+ list pages


+ list pages


+ list pages


+ list pages


+ list pages


+ list pages


+ list pages


+ list pages


+ list pages


+ list pages


+ list pages


+ list pages


+ list pages


This module does not take any arguments and it cannot be customized in any way.

A category (in a wiki often called namespace) is under normal circumstances known as the first part of the page name - the partial name before the colon (:) in the page name.

Tags: address category name url

ChildPages Module
||included (not copied! from original-doc ||


Clone Module
||included (not copied! from original-doc ||


Colored Text
[[include include:languages pagename=Colored Text]]

Simple Colored Text (Using Wiki Syntax)

You can create colored text by using this format :


The color of the text is on the left side of the bar and the text itself is on the right side of the bar.


Code Example Example
Named Color ##red|Don't Panic.## Don't Panic.
Hex Color 1 ##F00|Don't Panic.## Don't Panic.
Hex Color 2 ##FF0000|Don't Panic.## Don't Panic.

Using [[Span]]

If you are more comfortable using CSS, you can use [[span]].

Code Example Example
Named Color [[span style="color:red;"]]Don't Panic.[[/span]] Don't Panic.
Hex Color 1 [[span style="color:#F00;"]]Don't Panic.[[/span]] Don't Panic.
Hex Color 2 [[span style="color:#FF0000;"]]Don't Panic.[[/span]] Don't Panic.

Using [[Div]]

To set an entire paragraph or set of paragraphs to a certain color, you can use a [[div]] block with CSS styling. For example, this paragraph uses div. Note that you can still change the color if you need to.

Here is the code for this particular paragraph.

[[div style="color:teal;"]]
To set an entire paragraph or set of paragraphs to a certain color, you can use a {{@@[[div]]@@}} block with CSS styling.  For example, this paragraph uses div.  Note that you can still ##000|change the color## if you need to.

Here is the code for this particular paragraph.




Comments Module
||included (not copied! from original-doc||


Compare To Other Languages
[[include include:languages pagename=compare-to-other-languages]]

This page shows all existing en:…pages in comparison to their corresponding xy:…pages.. (over their internal links)

Done with module ListPages and the new %%page_name%% variable :

The ListPages module does not work recursively.



[[include include:languages pagename=contact]]

You are invited to contribute any translation into your language - feel free to do so, but keep an eye on the conventions written here: translations.
You need not to be a member of this Handbook wiki to contribute, but it is a honour for us if You would insert your name (and a new language) in the list of editors.








Phil ChettPhil Chett
Joshua DarbyJoshua Darby




…who ever wnat to contribute and help…




Dr DevanDr Devan


Steven HeynderickxSteven Heynderickx
Tom (beheerder)Tom (beheerder)


wikinet does not match any existing user name (pt-pt)




Arotaritei VladArotaritei Vlad

Add your name to Contact !!
( click on Edit ... )


Didier DKDidier DK
LP English TeacherLP English Teacher
theo somatheo soma
Crackson HaddersCrackson Hadders
ass masterass master
Tom (beheerder)Tom (beheerder)
michel ruffinmichel ruffin
Frederick AldamaFrederick Aldama
Watch: site | category | page


[[include include:languages pagename=content]]

LOOK at content-2 too : the new layout… : content-2
LOOK at content-3 too: ( table layout ) : content-3
( a quick shot without long thinking! )

Level Title Description Link
- Beginners & essentials
- what is a wiki Explanation what-is-a-wiki-site
- what is a wiki-farm Explanation what-is-a-wiki-farm
- what is wikidot Explanation what-is-wikidot
- what is an account When we need it what-is-an-account
- E-mail adress Why we need it what-about-e-mail-adress
-'s Why and when we need it what-about-userid
- Terms of Service legal issues & conventions terms of service
- Copy rights..lefts cell-content cell-content
@ Novice
@ create an account Explanation create-an-account
@ Login At Wikidot not anonmymous login-at-wikidot
@ Logout from Wikidot end wikidot-session logout-from-wikidot
@ Edit Your Profile Edit Your Profile Edit-Your-Profile
@ Join a wiki Get membership join-a-wiki
@ Find A Page Search & List pages Find-A-Page
@ First edits
@ Edit A Page Edit A Page Edit-A-Page
@ Page Option Buttons Page Option Buttons Page-Option-Buttons
@ Start a New Page Start a New Page Start-a-New-Page
@ Page Title Page Title - How to edit? page-title
@ Editing FAQ Editing FAQ Editing-FAQ
@ Introduction To Images How to embedd images Introduction-To-Images
@ Upload an Image How to upload images Upload-an-Image
@ Link to a Wiki Page Link to a Wiki Page Link-to-a-Wiki-Page
@ Forum Option Buttons Forum Option Buttons Forum-Option-Buttons
@@ First Site
@@ Start A Wiki Start A Wiki Start A Wiki
@@ First Steps On A New Wiki First Steps On A New Wiki First Steps On A New Wiki
@@ Special Edits
@@@ Special Site Setups
@@@ Forum summary
@@@@ For high level User
@@@@ Overall issues
@@@@ about this handbook
@@@@ Conventions How to translate? Translations
@@@@ Multilingual How is this build? Magic Language Navigation

Beginners ( = essentials)

- what is a wiki what-is-a-wiki-site
- what is a wikifarm
- what is wikidot
- what is an account

- what is meaning the needed email-adress
- what about's
- Legal issues ( terms of Sevrvice)
- Copy rights..lefts
- create an account
- login / logout
- Private messaging & Notifications
- Profile settings
- how to Join a site ?

First edits:

- Novice edits
- standard "widgtes" using
- create the first pages
- how does a forum work
- first posts
- first threads

First creation of a site

- Thoughts about target group of visitors
- design / layout ( forum ? private/public)
- Naming ( Url )
- Title ( not the URL ! )
- technical settings ( permissions ) for pages
- Forum imstallation
- Forum permissions
- Menu structure ( nav)
- Inviting Members, Email

Second edit step:

- Sophisticated technic (includes, modules)
- Divs, Span ,
- embellish text
- Image upload , embeding
- File upload, download

Forum related issues:

- where to store images,
- Forum installation
- Forum permissions
- Spam in Forum & Pages - what to do

Second Site Step:

- Nav + categories designed
- Private - Unauthorized categories
- Page Tags
- Special List of pages
- Backup done - save it
- delete a wiki
- restore a wiki

Third level for users:

- CSS - Themes
- RSS & Feeders
- get moderator
- get invited to be admin
- Spam in Forum & Pages - what to do
- abuse users - ban, block


( means I have no idea where to put these issues)
- "Content" page ( with such structure overview as a new "start-2" page
- Known issues
- Snippets
- How-Tos where they belongs to..
- adsense API
- glossary


( content is all about the handbook technic, the multilingual layout, the translate conventions)
- Conventions for translations ( for thge Handbook)
- technic with magic translations

Perhaps links to <before page and after> page ?

Regards Helmut


Tags: content structure to_be_revised

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