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Stumble Upon is the name of a plug-in that could be used for Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer that allows people to visit websites that other Stumble Upon users had mentioned as being worth checking out because they would match the user's stated interests. The ultimate goal of this was to get people to visit/discover websites that people weren't initially looking for, but that could be useful.

Unfortunately, Stumble Upon is no longer used and the website shut down in 2018. This plugin was switched to an app called Mix. This app is available for iOS and Android.

Comment by Wikidot-User Sheepdog (2010)

I wanted to put a "recommend to Stumbleupon" link on one of my wikidot pages. (I am a user of a free account). I spent more time than I want to admit looking for how to do this before I noticed that all of my pages ALREADY HAVE a button to cast a Stumbleupon vote with, courtesy of the standard, wikidot provided, bar at the top of my page.

I'm writing this just in hopes that the next person who searches for "how to link to Stumbleupon" or "how to insert Stumbleupon html" will find this post. I did TRY to rtfm, but when clever designers try to make things (wikidot) idiot proof, they sometimes don't quite provide for how clever the idiots (me) can be!

This was written before I edited this article. At that moment, when Sheepdog wrote this, Stumble Upon could be used. At this moment, the Stumble Upon plug-in is not available anymore. I'm not sure if Wikidot is still using Stumble Upon since I found out WIkidot got released in 2008, but I don't know if the last update still supports the plug-in.


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