TagCloud Module
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This module creates a customizable tag cloud for tagged pages. Tag Cloud module can be used both for creating plain tag cloud or 3D tag cloud.


attribute required allowed values default description
mode no 3d none turns on 3D mode
maxFontSize no any length value (in units of px, pt, em or %) 300% font size for the most common tags
minFontSize no any length value (in units of px, pt, em or %) 100% font size for the least common tags
maxColor no color definition RRR, GGG, BBB each in range 0-255 128,128,192 color for the most common tags
minColor no color definition RRR, GGG, BBB each in range 0-255 64,64,128 color for the least common tags
limit no any integer > 0 50 how many tags should be displayed
target no valid page name system:page-tags name of the target page where the links should lead to
category no valid category name none limits tags (and displayed pages when the tag is clicked) to the specified page category)
showHidden no true / yes false shows hidden tags, i.e. these starting with underscore (_)
urlAttrPrefix no any string none adds a given string as a prefix to parameters in URLs generated by each tag; it makes the module more compatible with ListPages and PagesCalendar modules
skipCategoryFromUrl no true / yes false by default if you use category parameter, it is also added as a parameter in URLs generated by the tags; if this option is enabled, name of the category is skipped
width no integer 300 sets width of the 3D Tag Cloud
height no integer 300 sets height of the 3D Tag Cloud


If you want to change font sizes, both maxFontSize and minFontSize must be defined and use the same size units.

If you want to change tag colors, both maxColor and minColor must be defined.

If you choose a custom target page make sure a module PagesByTag is there - otherwise there would be no point in linking the tags.

By default tags starting with the underscore "_" are hidden and are not shown by default. Use showHidden="true" to display them.

The 3D tag representation is based on the WP-Cumulus WordPress plugin.


[[module TagCloud minFontSize="1em" maxFontSize="2em" maxColor="8,8,8" minColor="200,200,228" category="news"]]

A working example of a 3D tag cloud can be found on our Snippet pages.

You can also put your TagCloud in the side menu (often located in page nav:side. This is sometimes nice ;-)

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