Page Title

What is a title?

A page title is one of the first things a visitor to your page will read. For that reason it should be:

  • a generic description of your page's content
  • short and easy to understand
  • spelt properly, to give a good first impression

Good names for the your website or wiki's main page are "Welcome to …", "Homepage", "Main Page", for example.

Example of a title

How do I edit it?

Start editing the page by either scrolling to the bottom of the page and clicking on the edit link or pressing Ctrl+E on your Windows keyboard (this is one of the many keyboard shortcuts that you can use).

You will see two main sections: one is labelled Title of the page: and the other has no label but is characterised for being a large text entry box with several square buttons above it. The larger text entry section is where you type the content of your page.

Click your mouse inside the box labelled Title of the page: and type your page title. When you are done, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on save

When you see Page Saved! appear, you are done.

Changing the page title

Can I remove it completely?

It is very easy to remove the page title, but there some things you should take into consideration before you decide to do it. You can read the next section for more information.

To remove a page's title, simply edit the page and delete the title. Once you click save the page title will be removed and won't return until you edit the page and add it again manually.

Removing the page title —> Title has been removed

Things to take into consideration

There are a few things that need to be taken into consideration before you remove a page's title

  • Sitemap: when using the PageTree module with a page that has no title, the page's unix name will be shown instead of the non-existent title
  • Parent—Child relationships: A sitemap created by the PageTree module relies on pages having a parent page assigned to them. In this case, the title does not appear in the breadcrumbs navigation, and neither does the page's unix name.

The page in the example below has start set as it's parent page. Because start's title has been removed, it does not appear before the first ยป symbol as it usually would if it did have a title.

If title is removed, it doesn't appear in the breadcrumb navigation
  • ListPages module: When using the variable %%linked_title%% with the ListPages module, and a page with no title is one of those listed, a name is automatically created from the page unix name to be used as the link.

The page in the example below is located at the location test:one-for-all, and Wikidot automatically decides that the best name for the page is a modified page unix name (category and hyphens "-" removed, and first word capitalised)

If title is removed, a %%linked_title%% appears in ListPages navigation as the page's unix name with a capitalised first letter, and without category or hyphens

Other points of note

It's a good idea to add a short description of the changes you make every time you edit a page. That way if you need to revert back to a previous version of the page or are working with several other users, it is easy to find the page revision you are looking for.

Add a short description of the changes you make

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