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Le module CSS permet d'appliquer des instructions de style à la page courante

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The CSS module lets you insert CSS code into a wiki page. This is particularly useful for cross-site include (CSI) packages that need to use custom styling for their code. When you use the CSS module in a CSI, that CSS code will be included in all pages that use the CSI.

The syntax for the CSS module is:

[[module CSS arguments...]]
CSS code


This example hides the side-bar menu on a single page (on themes with an elastic main-content):

[[module CSS]]
#side-bar {
    visibility: hidden;
    width: 0


You can render the CSS block in a [[code type="css"]] block by adding:

  • show="true"

You can disable the CSS block by adding:

  • disable="true"

Multiple CSS modules

A single page can contain any number of CSS modules. Their code will be output, in order, in the page's HTML header.

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