Module FlickrGallery

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Le module FlickrGallery affiche une gallerie de photos hébergées chez

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attribute required allowed values default description
userName no any valid flickr user name none limits results to a single user
tags no tags none comma-delimited list of tags
tagMode no "any", "all" "any" applies OR, AND for tag sellection
sort no "date-posted-asc"
"date-posted-desc" sets the sort order
alternative attributes (do not play with these above)
photosetId no any valid photoset id none gets images from a photoset
groupId no any valid group name none gets images from a specified group
groupUrl no URL address of the group main page none gets images from a specified group
display options
perPage no any number between 1 and 100 30 how many photos per page
limitPages no any positive number none limits number of pages to navigate; also useful if you do not want to navigate pages at all (limitPages="1")
size no "square" - 75x75 pixels
"thumbnail" - 100 on longest side
"small" - 240 on longest side
"medium", 500 on longest side
"thumbnail" size of the images to display
other options
disableBrowsing no "yes"/"true" none disables displaying images in overlay windows when clicked


[[module FlickrGallery tags="ski,meribel" tagMode="all" perPage="5"]]:


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