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Le module PageTree (Page Arborescence) liste toutes les pages liéées par la relation "parenté" définie par "+options", "parent".

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root, showRoot, depth

Re: PageTree: showRoot?
ErichSteinboeckErichSteinboeck 8 May 2008, 18:51 +0200

Unfortunately the implementation for PageTree (and most other modules) was done in a way such that for true/false parameters any value (except the empty string) is taken to be “true”. The only way to specify “false” is to omit the parameter or specify parameter="".
The PageTree documentation (and again, the documentation for most other modules, too) is simply wrong in specifying that the default value for showRoot is “false”.
So — omit “showRoot” and things will work as you expect.


[[module PageTree]]
[[module PageTree root="fr:start" showRoot="true" depth="2"]]

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