Membuat Sebuah Akun

Halaman ini mendeskripsikan bagaimana Anda dapat membuat sebuah akun di

1. Tombol create account

Jika Anda belum membuat sebuah akun di, maka untuk membuatnya cukup menekan pranala create account pada ujung kanan atas layar penjelajah web Anda. Inilah kira-kira tampilannya:


2. Membuat akun

Ketika Anda menekan pranala tadi, frame sebagai berikut akan muncul:


Tekan next dan kemudian jendela "Create Account" akan terbuka. Di sini Anda harus mengisi beberapa identitas penting:

  • a good unique user-id (your "screen name", unique inside the network).
  • a valid mail-adress where the system can send the acknowledgment (this email requires a response from you for security purposes).
  • a decision on which language you prefer to use (right now, the choices are English or Polish). This choice only affects the internal pages within the wikis you create.
  • a good password for security.
  • a repeat of this good password
  • and good eyes to answer a security question to protect the wikidot system from evvvvvil robots.

Finally, you have to confirm that you have read and aggree to the Terms of Service of

3. Verification of Your Email-adress

After click on next You will get following screen asking for the verification code sent to you by email.:


Key in this code from the email you got (it takes about five minutes to get sent to you) which should look like this:

Hi Helmuti_pdorf!

You are receiving this email in order to confirm your email address
which is
required for successfull account creation.

Please copy the key below to a proper form in your browser:

verification code: xyz….abc123
Best regards - the team

If you have NOT attempted to create an account at any of the
sites please ignore this email - it might have been sent because
someone _
mistyped his/her own email address. If you however suspect any abuse,
please contact staff at or send
an email to moc.todikiw|troppus#moc.todikiw|troppus.

4. my_account

Congratulations! You now have a wikidot account. Now you should see the "your account" buttons at the right-top of the wikidot screen changes to a personal account_menu:


An important reminder:

  • Your my account menu button leads you to your personal Account settings; it is a good idea to set up those settings right off. Just follow the link!
  • The little square box to the right of your account name ("screen name") up in the right hand corner of the screen is a pull-down/"hidden" menu where you can logout from Logout from Wikidot

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