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address bar / box
The address bar is the part of your browser where you type a web address and hit ENTER to go to a website.
The program that you use to view this webpage. Chances are that your browser is either Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer. If you are using Internet Explorer shame on you. Use Firefox and reclaim your dignity.
Internet Protocol.
IP address
A user's IP address is a unique number that identifies the user's computer on the internet. It is used like an mailing address and since it is unique to the person using it, it can be used to block a user in cases where the IP address is static. An IP address looks like If you allow posting anonymously, the IP address of the anonymous user will be shown in his or her posts.
Modules are powerful web widgets that can be embeded in the wiki pages. Available modules are listed in the wikidot documentation.
Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. A way to publish sites or forum updates. External RSS feeds may be included in wikidot pages with the Feed module.
keyboard combination that allows to perform some specific tasks. See [[Shortcuts]
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please describe this
web address
The address of a website. The web address is the same thing as a URL.
Uniform Resource Locator. See web address.
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