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This document descibes how You can login onto wikidot itself.
This is only the step into the "overall" community, not an entry in on specific site. Many wikis are public and you need not to be logged in to read, but sometimes a login is neccessary to collaborate with other members on a wiki site. And some wiki-sites are private and restricted to allowed users only. Than You have to be logged in anyway.

1. Login button

The login (button-link) You will find on the right top of Your wikidot screen. Looks like this image:


2. Create account

If You have not yet created an account on Wikidot.com You should use now the Link-button Create_account_. You need:

  • a good unique User-id ( unique inside the wikidot.com network ) and
  • a valid mail-adress where the system can send to You the acknowledgment awaiting a feedback from yourself for security only.
  • a decision which language You prefer for your own internal pages of wikidot ( now english or polish)
  • a good password for Your on security
  • a repeat of this good password
  • and good eyes to answer a security question to prevent the wikidot system from robots.

At last Yuo have to confirm that You have read and aggree the Terms of Service of wikidot.com.

3. First Login

If You have created an account on wikidot.com then You can make login on (the whole !) wikidot-system:
with Your first click on this Link this Login frame will open and ask for Your mail adress ( key in the same as in your account!) and Your password:


Notes to the check-boxes:
Do not timeout my session does exact what it says: if not checked on Your login disappears after some time. This is a security option not to let You be logged in on a public PC after Your leave. Be careful to switch this on!
Bind session to my IP let the system remember your IP adress.

Notes to the litle Link-buttons at the bottom:
forgot Your password? let the system help You by sending (to Your mailadress) …
no account yet? leads You to the create account step.

4. my_account

After Login the right-top of Your wikidot screen changes to the personal account_menu:


An important reminder:

  • at this location You have now Your my account menu button which leads You to Your personal Account settings. And
  • behind the little square right from the menu is the personal pull-down menu "hidden" where You can make logout from wikidot.com: Logout from Wikidot

If You made Your login the first time think about the view other user should have from You and edit-your-profile. On the other hand: it is not neccessary for wikidot and its forum. Whatever You wnat to give personal details away…

5. Second Login

If You make login the second time the system believes You are the same as before and ask You only for the password:


If You are NOT the same user as before than You can use the little button-link under the password entry-gadget: (login_as_a_different_user)


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