Logout From Wikidot

This document explains how to logout / logoff from Wikidot.com and shows a little short-hand menu hidden at a little icon right from your "my_account" link at the top right side of the page.If You are logged in with Your User Id You will find at the top right side (right from the page link "my_acount") a little icon (normally a little DownArrow, but in Internet Explorer 7 it is a little button);
MyAccountDownArrow_gd.jpgif You click on this icon a small pull-down menu will open with some short-hand and at the end the "logout" link:

If You want You can logoff / logout with this link and can leave the WIKIDOT.page.listeners ….

I for my own have not seen this little menu-icon for a long time - and made no logout therefore.. :)

Text ( and images ) derived from: http://community.wikidot.com/howto:logout-from-wikidot
text and images from gerdamigerdami

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