Private Messaging

What is private messaging?

On the "official" page "features" you will find this entry:

We let our Users communicate easily — by sending private messages. Each User can have a list of contact and can also configure who is allowed to send him messages.

This so called PM system is wikidot - wide working. You can write & send and get a messages in an own posting system, parallel to other forums of sites.
1) this messaging has nothing to do with sites and is located on your wikidot-account.
2) you can send messages and read your inbox only after login!

Where to write?

Logged in you have some possibilities to enter the messaging screen:

a) with every click on an "User-id" you get the profile page of this wikidot-user and you will find the button/link "write a private message" ( to this user of course).

b) There is the general entry over your own ("my_account") at the right top corner:

b.1) if you click on the link my_account you will get your own wikidot - account screeens.

b2) You will find at the top right side (right from the page link "my_acount") a little icon (normally a little DownArrow, but in Internet Explorer 7 it is a little button);
MyAccountDownArrow_gd.jpgif You click on this icon a small pull-down menu will open with some short-hand and as the second the "private messages" link:
With a click on this link You will get such following window and you can start with a click on Compose new.

Remeber: Going over the "my_accounts" entry you will need to know the user-id for the reciever!

Private messages

Inbox Sent Drafts Compose new
Subject ………………….. Sender (the writer) Date

and the possibility to remove some or all posts…

Generel settings

On your "Account Settings" you have the possibility to define the group of wikidot-users, who can write you a "Private Message". Under the Menu point

o) Receiving private messages

you will find following information and possible selections:

One of the features is possibility to send private messages, i.e. direct messages between registered users. It is advised to enable private messages but you have a few options here (leave boxes unchecked to block all messages):

Receive private messages from:

  • all registered users (=default!)
  • members of the sites I am also a member of + contacts
  • your contacts only
  • nobody (not recommended)
cancel save

We respect your settings but there are situations where they can be overriden. In particular following people are allowed to send you messages:

  • Wikidot staff (they can also contact you by email),
  • Moderators and administrators of any of the sites you are a member of.

(The first idea to change your settings to the second one is a bad idea, because no new (applying) member of a site can write you a PM , before she/he is a member of your site..)

o) Account settings / Blocked users

You can maintain a private list of blocked users. Users from the list are not allowed to send you any private message. More options should come soon.

Note: user blocks does not work against administrators and moderators and administrators of the sited you are a member of.

List of blocked users

there are no blocked users.
+ add user to blocklist ( click gives the update window:)

Add user to block list

User to be blocked:
cancel block user


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