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Welcome to the Wikidot handbook. This is a community edited website and any member of wikidot can contribute.

If you wonder where to contribute look on the table below. There are the main sections to look at or a whole site map on the left menu if you want an overview. But please have a look on the Conventions for translations page which collects the conventions used and the Magic Language Navigation page which explains the technical methods.

The Content of this handbook is split in different sections, representing the experience we have gained when we were beginners about essental knowledge of wikidot and how to use it the best way we know how. We've tried to order the steps so that they represent an easy learning curve.

In the future, the menu on the left side will show the "headings" of the sections as a starting page with an overview.

Please feel free to contribute if you think you can help!

Wikidot for beginners Editing for beginners Site creation for beginners
what is a wiki site(zh)?
terms of service (Legal issues)
What Is A License ?
Find A Page
Create an account
Login At Wikidot
Logout From Wikidot
Private messaging
Profile settings
Join a Wiki
How To Edit Pages
Edit A Page
Page Option Buttons
Forum Option Buttons
Start a New Page
Page Title - How to edit?
Link to a Wiki Page
Introduction To Images
Upload an Image
Editing FAQ
Colored Text
Wiki Syntax
First forum posts
First forum threads
Start A Wiki
First Steps On A New Wiki
Site Manager
Public Or Private
Naming (Url)
Title (not the URL !)
Technical page settings(permissions)
Forum installation
Forum permissions
Menu structure (nav:)
Inviting Members, Email
Advanced Wikidot usage Advanced editing Advanced site management
Autonumbering of pages
Watching changes
Data forms
Browser requirements
Embedding other services
Site structure
Layout reference
Video Tutorials
Wikidot API
Center an Image in a Div
Info Box
Introduction to Divs
Problems with Divs
Keyboard Shortcuts
Sophisticated technic (includes)
Divs, Span
embellish text
File upload, download
Inline styling
Nav + categories designed
Private - Unauthorized categories
Page Tags
Special List of pages
Backup done - save it
Delete A Wiki
Restore A Wiki
Google Analytics
User and community control Content control Site promotion
Block Anonymous/Members
CSS - Themes
RSS & Feeders
get moderator
get invited to be admin
Spam in Forum & Pages - what to do
means: I have no idea where
to put these issues
"Content" page ( with such structure)
Site Structure comparison
Known Issues
How-Tos where they belongs to..
adsense API
content is all about the handbook technic,
the multilingual layout like:
Conventions for translations
Add Another Language
Magic Language Navigation


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